This page contains examples of research conducted by teachers in both K-12 and university world language classrooms.



Borich, Jeanette Marie Bowman. (2001, Spring). Learning through dialogue journal writing: A cultural thematic unit. Learning Languages, 6(3), pp. 1-16. [Describes findings from a dialogue journal project conducted in a second-grade, Spanish FLEX program]
(Culturally authentic, multimedia materials that accompany this thematic unit are available here; More thematic units like this one are available in French, Japanese, & Spanish here.)

GivingKidsACanDoAttitude.JPG - An action research study published in Learning Languages that explores the use of "can do" statements as a tool for improving student motivation and building classroom community in a 3rd grade Spanish classroom


Middle School


MrsLassensResearch.JPG - A wiki containing action research done by a middle school Spanish teacher

High School

MsLayportsActionResearchSummary.JPG - A teacher's website describing an action research project about webquests in a high school Spanish classroom




(Sites such as TagulLogo.png, TagxedoLogo.jpg, WordleLogo.pngcan be used to implement the pedagogical strategies outlined in this article)

CollaborativeActionResearchBuildingAuthenticLiteratePracticesIntoAFLProgram.JPG- A study conducted in a university Japanese classroom

Multiple Levels

ActionResearchReseeingLearning&RethinkingPractice.JPG - Scroll toward the bottom of the page to see concise write-ups of action research projects conducted by world language teachers from a variety of levels on a diverse array of topics

CaseStudiesOfOpennessInTheLanguageClassroom.JPG - Book available as a free download