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To what extent can we use self-assessment (it has been proven to improve students' learning)?

How can the type of assessment work for students' learning strategies to change what their focusing goals?

What type of assessments are best mid-activity?

How can I grade/assess efforts, not necessarily points?

How do we make teaching and assessment more similar/compatible?

How do we balance meaningful, project-based assessment with time constraints?

How can I check their oral level/ability quickly in the classroom?

How to identify individuals within the class who are not getting it?

What is the most effective form of written corrective feedback for novice/intermediate language learners?

How to check their understanding for specific courses like reading class?

Autonomy & Accountability

How do I promote student autonomy while they are extrinsically motivated by their scores?

How do we find a balance between letting students teach themselves as they practice speaking and controlling their accuracy?

How can we make students more accountable for their learning?

Balanced Instruction

How much time do I spend on reading, writing, listening, speaking? Balance?

How do you find a balance in which teaching strategies should be used when? (How do we balance listening, reading, speaking, writing, and cultural teaching exercises?)

Students want to play games (word games, hangman, etc.), but is that good use of class time? It's fun, but is it useful?


(Meeting Students' Needs)

How can I balance between the advanced and low-level students in class activities?

What is the best way to teach a class with students of different levels of proficiency?

How do I effectively differentiate instruction?

What cognitive adaptations can/should be made between college and high school based on cognitive development?

To what extent can we individualize instruction?

Instructional Methodology

How do students today learn vs. how did I learn?

Why do teachers use the textbook as their main resource for teaching?

What is an effective pedagogical strategy/activity type to teach pragmatic competence to secondary students in an EFL context?

Does implicit or explicit teaching work better for language acquisition?

When is explicit grammar teaching most effective? Is it more effective in the L1 or L2?

How to make all students to practice in the limited time in class?

When is L1 translation effective for efficiency?

Should we always try to keep students in the target language?

What are the best ways for students to learn vocabulary?

How can learners learn Korean orthography effectively and efficiently?

What are the best ways to teach meaning? (Phrasal, sentence-level meaning, not lexical meaning)


How do we get students to "buy into" using the target language in class instead of their first language? (And parents...and administration)

Why did students want to learn a foreign language?

How do you engage students in a classroom who admit they are only here for a visa?

How can I keep my students in the target language when I have 40 students in the classroom?

Do classroom policies and discipline (enforcing rules) affect student learning?

How to juggle mixed (extreme) classes (overall strategies) - 20% enthused, 30% not enthused at all, 30% on task?

How do you motivate high school students in mandatory FL contexts?

How do you reach the students that "hate" language learning? (Forced by parents)

How can I get those students who are silent during group work to participate?

How can I engage parents in my students' learning?

How can we make the improvement of collaborative mood in the classroom?

How can task-based teaching methods be effective to improve students' collaborative mood rather than competition in the classroom?

Can task/project-based activities effect in improving students' communicative proficiency? And how can teachers make more effective teaching materials to teach writing and speaking ability improvement?


What is the best way to manage time constraints and effective planning?


What research/studies are out there than can help me with my students' language acquisition?

How can I tell if my action research is generalizable to similar populations (or even significant)?

Student Application

How can we increase the relevance of the material we teach to prepare students to really live the language?

Student Perceptions

How students think that foreign languages are learned?

How can you motivate students to learn who don't see/don't believe their proficiency deficiencies without breaking their self-confidence?