This page contains resources that will be helpful to teachers wishing to conduct teacher-based (action) research in their world language classrooms.

Academic References

Research Engagement & Teaching Quality - A bibliography compiled by Simon Borg

Teacher Research: What, Why, & How - A bibliography compiled by Simon Borg

Finding Research


Evaluating Research


Research Process

- An outstanding presentation that walks teachers through the process of action research in very concrete terms

- Explains the difference between different types of action research

ActionResearchInTheWorldLanguageClassroom.jpg - An entire book on the subject

ConductingActionResearchInTheFLClassroom.JPG - A handout that provides step-by-step instructions with many examples of data-collection instruments

Data Collection & Analysis

Formulating a Research Question

Pedagogical Materials

NFLRCLogo.gif - Links to thematic units in French, Japanese, & German that can be downloaded for free.